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Fleur ortensia

Ōrtensia – Hortensia ou « Ajisai » 

Symbolising the perpetual movement of emotions and the strengthening of ties, the hydrangea in flower changes colour from one day to the next, depending on the climate!

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Chef Terumitsu Saito, originally from Okayama, Japan, made a stopover in France in 2007, after proving himself in several Michelin-starred establishments in his native country.

His culinary adventure began in La Rochelle, where he perfected his art alongside chef and Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Johan Leclerre. He later joined the ranks of Guy Martin at Le Grand Véfour. In Paris, Terumitsu Saito continues to delight discerning palates, deploying his talent at the Mandarin Oriental, first alongside Thierry Marx, then taking the reins of the Blue Valentine bistro.

Chef Terumitsu Saito's cuisine, inspired by French excellence, is enriched by multiple influences accumulated during his travels and culinary experiences. 

Tucked away on Rue Beethoven, Ōrtensia is an intimate jewel of a twenty-seat restaurant, nestled a stone's throw from the Trocadero, where Chef Terumitsu Saito invites haute gastronomie enthusiasts to discover meticulously crafted dishes and carefully selected wines with unbridled passion.

Here, you'll be able to appreciate all the talent of this discreet chef, whose creativity translates into subtle, precise dishes imbued with the magic of gastronomic poetry.

Chef and team

The Team

Terumitsu SAITO - Chef/Owner
Romain SIMON - Restaurant Manager/Chef Sommelier

Our card
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Menu « Découverte » - 115€

4-course menu, for the entire table

duration: approx. 2h00

Menu « Saison » - 185€

7-course menu, for the entire table

Reservations only, minimum 12 hours in advance

duration: approx. 2h30


Menu « Saison » - 185€

7-course menu, for the entire table

duration: 2h30 approx.

Menu signature « Ōrtensia » - 265€

(available from Friday, December 1, 2023)

7-course menu, for the entire table

By reservation only, 72h in advance minimum

duration: 2h30 minimum

* Reservation and bank imprint: 

- Ōrtensia is a very small restaurant. Not being able to offer you a telephone reception to the height of your expectations, we made the choice to do without telephone

- All reservations are made online through the interface present on our website. This interface allows you to have a live overview of our availability, whether it is for tables or time slots.

- Please note that reservations can only be opened 2 months in advance.

- In order to validate your reservations, a bank imprint will be requested. Please note that without this credit card information, we will not be able to match a table to your request. 

Sometimes, after you have entered your credit card number, you may not receive an SMS or email confirmation. This problem usually occurs when you leave your bank's page too early - your bank's validation is not a confirmation of your reservation. Please wait a few moments before being redirected to our site.


Without SMS or email confirmation from us, no reservation can be taken into account.


* Tables: For optimal comfort, we only have round tables.

The largest one can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people maximum.


* Allergies and dietary restrictions: The Chef and his team have at heart to work only with fresh products, received raw and prepared on site.

It is therefore essential that you provide us as soon as possible with a precise list of your possible allergies or dietary restrictions at the time of booking.

It would be a pity if we did not have alternative ingredients available when you come.

For the most restrictive diets, a customized menu will have to be composed - the Chef reserves the right to accept these constraints according to their nature and the time he has to present an alternative.


* Young children: The experience we offer to all our customers and the products we cook are not always suitable for young children, please take this into account when making your reservation.

We also do not have a space adapted to the parking of strollers.


* Pets: Please consider that our establishment is not adapted to welcome your pet friends.


* Closing time: Our restaurant closes at 3:45 p.m. during lunch service and at midnight during dinner service.


* Missing guests policy: Receiving you is a real work of anticipation and setting up. Thank you for informing us as soon as possible in case of a change in the number of guests.

The establishment reserves the right to charge the price of the menu selected at the time of booking for each seat left vacant.


* Late arrival and "no-show": For organizational reasons, any delay of more than 20 minutes must be notified to us by email. In order not to disrupt the service of other tables but also to ensure the respect of our teams, we reserve the right to adapt the menu initially chosen to these new time constraints.


If no news from you beyond 30 minutes after the scheduled arrival time, we will consider your reservation as not honored and will proceed to the deduction of the bank imprint deposited at the time of the reservation.


* Contacts: As we have chosen not to use the telephone, all communications are made by e-mail to the following address:


Please note that we do not respond to solicitations made via social networks.

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Wednesday to Saturday : 12h30 – 13h

Dinner :

Tuesday to Saturday : 19h30 – 20h30

Our restaurant can comfortably seat up to 20 person.

We also have a mezzanine table offering you more privacy - from 3 to 5 seats.

Online reservations only - tables from 1 to 6 people

We are not able to accommodate groups of more than 6 people

Privatization of the restaurant room possible beyond 7 people. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Business hour and reservations


4 rue Beethoven, 75016 Paris

Access Metro Passy (line 6) 3 minutes walk - Metro Trocadero (lines 6 & 9) 8 minutes walk.

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